Our portfolio consists of companies with innovative technologies and products.


boloro-logoBOLORO is a unique payment platform that offers customers the ability to pay for online and in-store purchases using their mobile service.
labdoor-logoLABDOOR helps consumers understand and manage their dietary supplements, using analytical chemistry to provide purity and efficacy data to customers.
coolumens-logocoolumens-logoCOOL LUMENS is a developer of high-performance LED lighting solutions for industrial and commercial environments. everloop-logoEVERLOOP is an online community for teens, providing a fun and safe way for content sharing and collaboration.
MATERNA MEDICAL is a medical device company introducing a device to prevent perineal lacerations during childbirth.
scopix-logoSCOPIX is the market leader in intelligent video analytics for retailers, CPG companies, and manufacturers, providing cloud-based solutions that are proven to enhance retail business operations, drive sales, and maximize profits.
taulia-logoTAULIA builds solutions that help SAP customers uncover hidden savings opportunities in their supply chains. trustnode-logoTRUSTNODE is the creator of an online, interactive benefits education and enrollment platform that helps employers offer a personalized and effective online enrollment experience to employees.
voicebase-logoVOICEBASE provides web-based Storage, Search, and Sharing capabilities for voice conversations (and soon video).